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    ASIAN HULL SEED SEPRATOR, Cat No. : AM-023Asian Hull Seed Seprator is used for Seed separation of uncut seed and large meats from hulls.

  • ASIAN HULL SHAKER, Cat No. : AM-021

    ASIAN HULL SHAKER, Cat No. : AM-021It is used for cleaner decortifications with minimum oil absorbed in hulls. The shaker helps in removing meats and hulls efficiently. The huller removes the tough seed coat with a series of knives and shakers. The knives cut the hulls (tough outer shell of the seed) to loosen them form the kernels (the inside meant of the seed, rich in oil) and shaker separate the hulls and kernels. The kernels are ready for oil extraction and the hulls are sent to storage to be sold for livestock feed.

    The Perfection huller represents the best all round design for cutting cotton seed and other Oil bearing seeds. The Machine consists of a rotation cylinder carrying 17 rows of knives passing concave holding rows of stationary knives.


    ASIAN HULLER BEATER, Cat No. : AM-022Asian Single Drum and Double Drum Hull Beaters are designed to efficiently beat cotton seed hull to remove the fine flory meats adhering to the hulls. This will reduce the oil content in the hull to the minimum. The beating is done by two heavy Square beaters revolving in drums of perforated metal. The fine meats with fine hulls, passing through the perforated metal are dropped below at the conveyor. It is fitted with heavy duty flanged ball bearing self aligning and pre ?lubricated unit at ends and a rigid steel frame. All shafts gears and chain drive are extra heavy to give long, trouble free operation.

    The Drum tray is counter balanced to give a smooth running unit runs from minimum Horse power.


    ASIAN SEED TREATING MACHINE, Cat No. : AM-019Asian Seed Treating Machine ensures uniform coating of pesticides on each individual seed grain. This is essential in order to protect the seed against seed borne, soil borne diseases etc.. Features: Stainless Steel construction ensures long machine life. The counterweight measuring system is proven to be the most accurate one. Because of minimum moving parts, machine is best suitable for continuous duty. The variable speed drive synchronises flow rates for maximum blending efficiency. High speed rotating disc to ensure uniform coating. Attachment for powder treatment available. Capacity of Machine ;- Machine is avalibale in many capacities. as per customers requirements.

  • BUND MAKER, Cat No. : AM-016

    BUND MAKER, Cat No. : AM-016The bund maker consists of mild steel angle iron frame; hitch system, and two discs. It is used for making irrigation banks of up to 500 - 600 mm height and 600 - 800 mm width for effective control of flood irrigation or bunds of the size and shape to match crop and soil conditions. It makes bunds for efficient use of irrigation water. The Discs are adjustable along the frame to vary bund width and height. Even the Disc angle is adjustable.

  • CHAFF CUTTER, Cat No. : AM-007

    CHAFF CUTTER, Cat No. : AM-007Used for forage cutting With reversible gear for safety of operator 1 H. P. Model is also available Granted highest safety ranking in India, Dimensions : Length 54" Width 30" Height 50".


    COMBINE PADDY HARVESTOR, Cat No. : AM-004Combine Harvesters are designed for harvesting Soyabean, Wheat, Paddy etc. crops.These are modern machines enabling efficient and pure harvesting of crops even in very difficult field and climate conditions. These harvesters are equipped with dependable engines. All regulations and maintenance opeartions are highly mechanised and centralised. Window panes are provided to ensure perfect visibility in the direction of the whole harvesting unit. The control of the systems,steering mechanisms and working units is very simple. These harvesters can be used in the day time and at night. Combine Harvesters are very efficient, universal & economic machines especially in view of their overall dimensions and weight.

    • Fast, loss-free cutting under all conditions and in all crops, together with a fast even feed to the thrashing drum.
    • 100% thrashing with high concave separation without grain or straw breakage.
    • A Straw Walker System that separates the last grain from the straw.
    • A Cleaning System that is capable of handling the crop fast and cleaning perfectly.
    • High Capacity Grain Tank with fast unloading.
    • A high level of comfort to reduce driver's fatigue during long working hours.
    • Simple, uncomplicated adjustment of the complete machine. Excellent access to enable thorough cleaning of the combine and a machine requiring low maintenance.
    • A truly universal combine that is capable of thrashing several varieties of crops such as Soyabean, Wheat, Paddy, Oil Seeds, Gram etc. very efficiently.
    • A constantly high output under all conditions, with the lowest possible losses.


    • Asian Grinding Machine is batch type machine in which grinding & mixing is performed simultaneously.
    • Mixer is of paddle type which ensures 100 % mixing.
    • Grinding Machine is used to manufacture poultry feed, cattle feed, goat feed,shrimps feed & fertilizers (For dry materials & mash type only).
    • Strong & rigid steel construction.
    • High gain in minimum H. P. consumption.
    • Requires minimum labour.
    • Foundation is not must.
    • Minimum noise.
    • Materials like dry whole fish can be ground with other raw materials.
    • Machine can be comfortably transferred from one place to other.
    • Panel board is mounted on the machine itself along with the cables from panel board to resp. motors.
    • Capacity 2 tons per hour and 4 tons per hour Electric motor 15 H.P or 20 H.P.

    HORIZONTAL AUTOCLAVE, Cat No. : SE-05This is a double walled unit mounted horizontal on a sturdy, heavy mild steel tubular stand duly painted. Pressure is adjustable from 10 to 20 psi. Fitted with pressure gauge, safety valve and steam release valve. Available with or without boiler. For units fitted with S.S. Boiler, separate valves for injecting the steam into the main chamber and releasing the steam in atmosphere after use are provided. Hydraulically tested upto 40psi, Automatic vacuum breaker is providedTo break the vacuum in case of formation of vacuum due to steam condensation. Inner chamber made of S.S. and outer of Mild Steel duly painted. Fitted with Automatic Pressure Control Switch and Automatic Low Water Level Cut- Off device. Lid is made of S.S. plate with Radial locking system Without steam jacket.


    INSECTICIDE SPRAYING MACHINE, Cat No. : AM-026Excellent Insecticide spraying machine equipped with 50 ltrs of drum. Provision for fixing scraper wheels on main axle, weed removing and spraying can done at a same time. Width of machine is 20".

  • LAND LEVELLER, Cat No. : AM-013

    LAND LEVELLER, Cat No. : AM-013ASIAN HEAVY DUTY LAND LEVELLER Description : ASIAN HEAVY DUTY LAND LEVELLER is ideal for leveling, filling, back fillings, farmyard clearing etc. Soil retaining wings can be optionally fitted on both ends of the blade for carrying the soil without spillage. It is suitable for sticky soils as well.

  • MAIZE SHELLER, Cat No. : AM 006

    MAIZE SHELLER, Cat No. : AM 006Working: The dried corn cobs are put into the feeding hopper. The machine separates grains from the cobs and passes the grains through a sieve. The grains falling on a spout are cleaned by air pressure and clean grains come out of the spout. The shell of corn cobs is thrown out. Output Capacity: 1000 to 3000 Kgs of grains per hour (Depending upon the size of machine). The machine is to be operated by fitting a suitable power source to it. It can be operated by coupling it with an external power source (Engine or Electric Motor). Three models are available which could be run with 3 HP, 5 HP and 8 HP power source. Cleaning Fan Provided for fine cleaning of the grain. Also Available : Maize Sheller cum Dehusker.


    MOULD BOARD PLOUGHS, Cat No. : AM-012Description : ASIAN MOUNTED MOULD BOARD PLOUGH can handle the toughest ploughing job with outstanding penetration performance. The under frame and unit-to-unit clearance are adequate to cope with trashy conditions. Perfect alignment of the plough beams carrying the Mould Board bottom is maintained by virtue of the frame construction. The Mould Board will retain their mirror finish at all time contributing to well turned furrows. The plough has special wear resistant steel bottoms with bar points for toughest ploughing jobs. Bar point bottom ensures longer life as it can be extended or reversed and re-used till the last possible length.


    MOUNTED OFFSET DISC HARROW, Cat No. : AM-011Disc Harrows are designed for heavy crop residue, tough soils and stubble, pasture rennovation and any deep tillaging requirements. Description : 'MOUNTED OFFSET DISC HARROW' when mounted on a tractor it becomes a compact unit that can easily be maneuvered into corners or on short headlands. In addition the implement being easily attached and transportable in top speeds, little time is lost between the shed and the field. The spring loaded head stock brace of the mounted harrow allows flexibility of the unit over uneven terrain or where obstructions are likely to be met. This feature prevents damage.


    MULTIPURPOSE CULTIVATOR, Cat No. : AM-024Asian Multipurpose cultivator is avaliable from 10" to 36" width as per customers requirements.Capable of cultivating soil upto 7" deep. Suitable for Hills, Small plots and Poly Houses.

  • PADDY THRASHER, Cat No. : AM 005

    Tablet Disintegration ApparatusSuitable for the threshing of Wheat, Sorghum, Barley, Grams (Chick-Peas), Soybean, Millets, Oats, all type of Peas and Pulses etc. Output : 300-1000 Kgs of Grain Per Hour Power: Coupled with 10 HP diesel engine. This is a self propelled machine Mfd By Asian Power Cyclopes, Dehradun, India.

  • PALLETING MILL, Cat No. : AM-003

    PALLETING MILL, Cat No. : AM-003

    • Palletizing is a process to compact finely pulverized material into firm mass of a required shape and size by extruding it through a metallic ring die. Finely ground material is fed into the Pellet Mill through a feeder and then pressed into a rotating ring die with the help of two press rolls free to rotate on their respective shafts. The resulting pressure compresses the material and extrudes it through the holes in the die.
    • Steam is mixed in the feed to decrease the friction and to better cohesion. High temperature of steam results in gelatinization of raw starch present in vegetative ingredients.
    • Residence time inside the conditioner can be changed by either altering the speed or by adjusting the angle of paddles. Auto lubrication system ensures proper lubrication to all the bearings. The main pulley is dynamically balanced with construction in heavy duty MS plate.
    • We offer Pellet mills which are capable of producing pellets of diameters ranging from 1 mm, die to 20 mm die our various models include capacity 2 tons per hour or 4 tons per hour.
    • Capacity/Output of the Pellet Mill depends on hole diameter of die, pellet thickness, speed of rotation, properties of materials being pelleted, quality of steam etc.
    • Our specially designed ?Pelleting section? can accommodate a Pellet Mill and all its associated equipment within a very compact space and on a self-supporting independent structure; this section can even be installed in an existing plant without requiring any major changes. Pelleting section includes Pellet Cooler, Pellet Sieve and Pellet Crumbler as per requirement to be specified.
  • PROTO TYPE RIDGER, Cat No. : AM-027

    PROTO TYPE RIDGER, Cat No. : AM-027Suitable for Forming ridges and furrows. Suitable for crop like Potatos and Ginger.


    REVERSIBLE LAND LEVELLER, Cat No. : AM-014ASIAN REVERSIBLE LAND LEVELLER Description : ASIAN REVERSIBLE LAND LEVELLER is ideal for leveling, filling, back fillings, farmyard clearing etc. Soil retaining wings can be optionally fitted on both ends of the blade for carrying the soil without spillage. It is suitable for non-sticky soils.

  • RIBBON BLENDER, Cat No. : AM-002

    RIBBON BLENDER, Cat No. : AM-002

    • Ribbon Blender is a very fast and 100% efficient mixer to blend practically any dry powders, from food products to chemicals. Even liquids in small amount can be mixed in a very efficient way.
    • Ribbon blenders consist of U shaped horizontal trough and specially fabricated ribbon agitator.
    • Ribbon agitator is formed of a set of inner and outer blades mounted on a solid shaft. The outer blades move the material in one direction while the inner blades move the material in exactly opposite direction.
    • The ribbon blender is carefully designed to ensure through mixing with required coefficient of variation (CV).
    • Temperature rise is also minimal which is important when we consider vitamin mixing.
    • Discharge gate can be manual or pneumatically operated for direct filling of bags or for dumping in to storage bin.
    • Blenders can be constructed in Mild Steel (MS) or Stainless steel (SS) depending upon the material to be blended.
    • The blender normally operates between 20 rpm to 40 rpm depending upon the material characteristics and mixing time required. Motor rpm is normally 1500 and reduction is done through set of spur gears or through gearbox.
    • Fluid coupling can be also used as a optional item. They are useful to start the mixer on load in case of sudden electricity failure.
    • The alternate mixer is of paddle design. The paddles are positioned to move materials in opposing lateral directions and radically. The paddle mixer is normally used where friable materials are being blended or dry powders are to be mixed.
    • Capacity 2 tons per hour or 4 tons per hour (avaliable).
  • RIDGERS, Cat No. : AM-015

    RIDGERS, Cat No. : AM-015It is an implement, which cuts and turns the soil in two opposite directions simultaneously for forming ridges. It is also used for earthing up operation. The ridger body consists of two moldboards, share, and point and tie bars to vary the wingspan of ridger. The share point is robust and replaceable; made of high carbon steel, hardened and tempered for long life. The depth can be adjusted by the clamping mechanism in the ridger shanks.

  • RIGID TILLERS, Cat No. : AM-010

    RIGID TILLERS, Cat No. : AM-010Mounted Rigid Tyne Tillers are available with a choice of different models for soils where Spring Loaded Tillers are not successful. Description : Rigid Tyne Tiller is suitable for light and stubble free soils. Main Frame of all welded construction is made of two rolled steel channels with four channel braces and this gives strength and rigidity sufficient for keeping the tynes accurately spaced for precision work & correctly angled for good operations.

  • ROTARY TILLERS, Cat No. : AM-008

    ROTARY TILLERS, Cat No. : AM-008Tillage may be defined as the mechanical manipulation of soil for any purpose and rotary tiller achieves this objective with reduced draft requirement. Features Wear Resistant Blades P.T.O. Shaft with shear bolt for overload protection Option of side chain drive or side gear drive Adjustable trailing board Sealed bearings Adjustable depth.


    SEEDS DESTONER MACHINE, Cat No. : AM-018Seeds Destoner is effective solution for cleaning the food grains by removing stones, mud balls, metal pieces etc. It is compact and sturdy design. Cleans Rice, Wheat, Maize, Paddy, Jowar, Pulses & Spices & also Oil seeds. Salient Features of Asian Seeds Destoner Machine :- Maximum efficiency. Powerful blower separates stones, mud balls, silica from seeds & grains. Very simple and easy to operate. Low vibration, low noise, low maintenance, less space requirement and minimum weight are the main features of this machine.


    SPRING LOADED TILLER, Cat No. : AM-009Spring Loaded Tillers are suitable for use in stone and root-obstructed soil. When one tyne strikes a hidden object, too firmly fixed to be moved, the others continue to work at the correct depth. Spring Loaded Tillers may be used for loosening and aerating soil to a depth of nine inches preparing seed beds quickly and economically. Description : Spring Loaded Tiller is simple in design but sturdy in performance. It has been specifically designed for the light and medium soils. Strong mainframe of two rolled channels with channel braces resists bending strains and ensures that the Spring Loaded tynes are accurately spaced for precision work and correctly angled for good operation. The dual Spring Loaded tynes fully match the main frame in strength.


    STEAM JACKETTED CATTLE, Cat No. : FPM-004Cat. No. : FPM-004 STEAM JACKETTED CATTLE Jacket and kettle, both made of 10/12 swg. Stainless steel mounted on mild steel stand, complete with steam petcock, safety valve, and pressure gauge. Our kettles are 2/3 jacketed so as to give most efficient working of the kettle. Steam cooker is equipped with Tilting Device. Capacities : - 25 gallons - 50 gallons. - 100 gallons.

  • SUB SOILER, Cat No. : AM-017

    Tablet Disintegration ApparatusSub Soiler is used to break the lower impermeable hardpan, which cannot be broken by normal cultivation operations. Successful subsoiling loosens and shatters compact soil layers by creating many cracks and fissures thus allowing roots to develop more freely and water to move down more rapidly. This rather inexpensive implement provides a simple and economical way to obtain good crop yields and profits.


    TEST TUBE SHAKER / SMALL FLASK SHAKER, Cat No. : SE-04Useful for stirring centrifugal tubes, test tubes or small flasks. Fitted with a Neoprene rubber cup mounted eccentrically on the shaft against which at its is held the tube with its lower end pressing against the cup. Mixing action is controlled by verying the angle and pressure of the tube against the cup. Fitted with speed control arrangement. To work on 220/230 volts A.C. Supply.

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