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  • Chapati Making Machine, Cat No. : KM-19

    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSThis machine is capable of making 1000 chapatis per hour. Its rotary indexing type of design offers following unbeatable advantages which sets our products distinct in the entire industry: Compact Size - This machine is remarkably compact in size & light in weight. Simple & Easy Operations - Extremely simple mechanism and user friendly control interface make the operation surprisingly easy. Robust Construction & Minimum Maintenance - The robust construction ensures virtually no break downs. Highly Economical - Partly enclosed concentric double stage rotational baking operation efficiently utilises the heat energy with minimum losses.


    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSChappati Plate With Puffer Excellent Equipment for Hostel, Mess, Resturants etc Low Running Cost.


    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSWe are the manufacturer and supllier of Chattni Machine.These Chattni Machine is real, tough & hard working kitchen machine useful for home kitchens, small & medium foodservice commercial kitchens also.

  • Choclate Fountain, Cat No. : KM-17

    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSChocolate fountain which are extensively used in food displays & fruit counters for dipping fruits in flowing fountain of hot liquid chocolates. These chocolate fountains makes a world of difference to the taste of food.

  • DEEP FAT FRYER, Cat No. : KM-20

    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSThese products are used in restaurants, hotels and clubs for the purpose of deep-frying various fast food dishes and to make them crispy. Our range is highly acclaimed in the market for its efficiency, bulk capacity and innovative design, which facilitates ease of operations and easy cleaning.

  • DOSA PLATE (MOBILE, Cat No. : KM-12

    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSGas model dosa / chapati plate is suitably designed for making dosa with thick MS plate. Provision is made for oil collection. The whole unit is mounted on stainless steel round tube stand.This unit is completely mobile.

    • The unique feature is that at one point of a time it is feasible to make number of dosas / chapatis depending upon the size of the dosa plate, so that more customers are served in a short while.
    • The surroundings will remain clean due to oil collection box.
    • This is used at hotels, restaurants, industrial canteens, hospital canteens, fast food centres, wedding halls, hostels, and charitable institutions.

    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSDough kneading machine is meant for heavy duty mixing. Offered with MS body with rotating stainless steel arm and bowl, it is used for mixing dough for chapathis, puries, etc. in a proper way. Special Feature Dough kneading machine is recommended for bakeries, industrial canteens, hotels and restaurants.

  • French Fry Making Machine, Cat No. : KM-18

    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSwe are the supplier and the manufacturer of French Fry Making Machine.These are manufactured using the superior quality of the raw material.

  • ICE CUBE MAKER, Cat No. : KM-10

    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSICE CUBE MAKER Are you looking for a highly durable and high on quality ice cube maker? If your answer to this question is positive, then you are at the perfect spot. We are one of the most admired ice cube machine manufacturers and suppliers in India. All our ice cube makers are completely faultless and are cost effective.


    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSWe present, for the first time in India, our instant rice/ masala grinder for instantly grinding rice batter, dal batter, chutney, ginger paste, chilly paste & other masala items. It gives instant output within seconds of the feeding as it starts at the top side. Output is continuous, non-stop, according to the total quantity to be ground. The capacity of our grinder can be varied from 1 kg to 100 kgs/ hour.

    Our grinder provides better features like power saving, less grinding time and space occupation, low noise level, less maintenance and manpower requirement. Our instant rice/ masala grinder is a big boon for the entire hotel industry, since this machine alone can do all type of grinding operations in the quickest possible time. This model is exclusively designed for the present hoteliers who are looking for grinders with less space occupation, man power and this design does not require enormous cleaning work like other grinders.
      Technical Specifications:
    • Capacity: 1 Kg to 100 Kgs per hour
    • Operation: Continuous(not batch by batch)
    • Motor H.P.: 2 HP to 5 HP, 1440 rpm, 3 Phase AC Rating: Continuous
    • Machine Type: Stationery on request we can mount on a trolley wheel
    • Machine Size: 700 mm(L) X 700 mm(B) X 1100 mm(H)

    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSKulfi Making Machine We manufacture refrigerated kulfi making machines, which are available in various shapes and sizes. These products have the capacity to make a large number of kulfis within 5 to 7 minutes. These machines can make Indian stick kulfi and choco dip.


    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSPotato peeler / rooty vegetable peeler is made out of aluminium di-casted fitted with appropriate suitable motor mounted on SS pipe stand. Capacity 80 kgs. per hour, 150 kgs. per hour Special Feature Vegetables can be peeled very fast. It occupies less space, saving manpower and less wastage. This can be used at hotels, restaurants, industrial canteens, hospital canteens, fast food centres, hostels, and charitable institutions.


    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSIt is ideally designed for industrial canteens. The inner and outer body is made out of stainless steel. It is electrical and LPG operated. Applicable for cooking rice, vegetables, etc in large quantity. Standard size 34” dia x 36” ht., Capacity 160 ltrs. approx Special Features As it is double walled, glass wool insulated, provided with SS ball valve for draining the liquid, the rice will be cooked evenly. It will not stick to the bottom. It can be used at Industrial Canteens, schools and hospitals.


    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSWe are a well known manufacturer of roomali roti maker made from the best grades of steel, S S 304 grade construction with M S dome tava, L.P.G operated, cabinet for keeping gas cylinder. Roomali roti trolley is ideal for restaurants, hotels and resorts. Our expertise lies in customizing these as per the requirements of the customers at industry leading prices.

  • Salamander, Cat No. : KM1

    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSSalamander / bread toaster is stylishly designed, electrically operated, which is made out of stainless steel and insulated with electric heating elements, to toast bread and for cheese melting. Sizes Available 12 slices, 24 slices. Special Features Bread is toasted very quickly and can be served instantly. The surroundings will remain clean and tidy. This is used at hotels, restaurants, industrial canteens, hospital canteens, fast food centres and hostels.

  • Sandwich Griller, Cat No. : KM-15

    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSSandwich griller in twin model that makes grilling more fast and convenient. These griller features a premium non-stick scratch resistant & single Grilling cooking surface, adjustable, flat and ribbed plates, variable temperature control for everything from paninis to steaks.


    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSVegetable cutting machine, top aluminium di-cast with motor, with nine standard attachments for slicing, cubing, shredding, grating and French fries, etc. It cannot cut vegetables that are soft in nature. Special Feature The best feature of this machine is that it is very compact and occupies very little space. Vegetables can be cut and can be kept ready within no time. It can be used at hotels, Restaurants, Industrial Canteens, Hospital Canteens, Fast Food Centres, hostels, and Charitable Institutions.


    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSPotato / onion / vegetable / chilli slicer made out of aluminium di-casted fitted with appropriate suitable motor with four standard attachments, mounted on stainless steel stand. Special Feature It is hygienic for slicing, grating finger chips. It occupies less space. it can be used at hotels, restaurants, industrial canteens, hospital canteens, fast food centres, hostels, and charitable institutions.


    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSWaste food disposer grinds the foods waste & leftovers into small particles and disappear down the kitchen drain. Our waste food disposers are equally used in homes, hotels, restaurants, industrial canteens, hospitals, etc. Our waste food disposers are rust free. They are made of stainless steel & plastic body. They are easy to use. Waste food disposers are made to operate with the running water. Never run the machine without water, because operating it without running water will ruin it. Cold water is required in operating a disposer so that big particles solidify and are easily chopped and flushed into the drainage system. Our waste food disposer are designed with keeping in mind the minimum wastage of water. They also help to prevent the entry of insects and cockroaches.


    KITCHEN EQUIPMENTSWet Grinder (Conventional Type) Wet grain-grinding machine is available with stainless steel box, coconut scraper with suitable motor. It is fast grinding and highly efficient. The two kinds of models namely Domestic and Commercial are available (with heavy gearbox and heavy-duty motor.) Standard capacities available 2 ltrs. (Domestic) 5 ltrs. (Commercial) 8 ltrs. (Commercial) 12 ltrs. (Commercial) 17 ltrs. (Commercial) Special Features This is very fast in grinding and highly efficient. it can be used at hotels, restaurants, industrial canteens, hospital canteens, fast food centres, hostels, and charitable institutions. Tilting Wet Grinder Tilting type-wet grinder is made out of stainless steel with suitable motor. It is fast in grinding and highly efficient. Standard capacities available 2 ltrs. (Domestic) 5 ltrs. (Commercial) 10 ltrs. (Commercial) 15 ltrs. (Commercial) Special Features This is very fast in grinding and highly efficient. It saves power and is easy to handle and clean due to its tilting facility. It can be used at hotels, restaurants, industrial canteens, hospital canteens, fast food centres, hostels, and charitable institutions.

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