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    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSThe shaking machine fitted with D.C. MOTOR to work on 220 VOLT A/C 50 CYCLES to work for longer period smoothly. Flasks mounted spindle to oscillate through a small amplitude sturdy eccentric mechanism provides effective mechanical shaking . The shaking machine constructed to hold 100 ml to 1000 ml. Conical flasks. The shaking speed action is controlled by ELECTRONIC regulator . 100 R.P.M TO 800 R.P.M approx

    (a) To hold 4 flasks Cap. 100 ml. to 1000 ml. by side clamps (b) To hold 8 flasks Cap. 100 ml. to 1000 ml. by side clamps
  • AC MODULE, Cat No. : LM-13

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSIt is useful in Front of Air Conditioner to provide a sterile, bacteria free & dust free Air of 0.3 microns in a particular temperature . It works on the Laminar Air Flow Principle.

  • BALL MILL LAB MODEL, Cat No. : LM-01

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSBall mills are ideally used for mixing & grinding, electrically operated having capacity of few gms. to 1 Kg & 2 Kg. fitted with FHP motor. The unit drives with maximum speed of 80 rpm. The jar is made of aluminum and having steel balls of different sizes to be put in jar for mixing and grinding pesticides powder. Jar is interchangeable and easily removable, light in weight and compact unit working on 200 volts AC with cap. 1 Kg. (Jar made of stainless steel). b) --- do ---- with cap.2 kg.(Jar made of S.S).

  • CENTRIFUGE, Cat No. : LM-06

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSModified version of medico centrifuge having better speeds and capacities fitted with resiliently mounted motor for vibration free performance and 5 step regulator. Option: Rectangular centrifuge machine available in different capacities.

  • DENTAL X RAY MACHINE, Cat No. : DL-001

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSWe manufacture latest dental x-ray units that are highly effective in imaging and quick output of x-ray plates. The technical specifications of our x-ray units are: 70Kv / 7mA Toshiba tube Manufactured with international safety standard. Tube Head and cone are internally lead coated to avoid scatter radiation. High voltage generator with high efficiency in the emission of the X-Ray. Digital control equipped with an easy read display indicating the selected time. Exclusive angular indicating system for precise head positioning in various radiography techniques. High efficiency and greater safety. Double pantographic arm with verticular and horizontal smooth movements.


    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSCentrifico Lever Type Casting Machine Model-0703 for Gold and Cobalt Work, Equipped with Two Ball Bearings, Four Flasks, 4 Rubber Crucible Former, 3 Credles, Fixed Weight and Two Heavy Crucibles.

  • DENTAL - TRIMMER, Cat No. : DL-006

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSProduct Specification
    Perfect Model Trimmer Model-0606,HP-1,RPM-2800, Single Speed,Rating-Continuous with Buffer & 10" Stone Fixed on the Base with Inlet & Outlet for Water


    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS1/2 HP Dental compressor seal unit fitted with safety valve for air release excess sorted, auto cut off system, pressure gauge and drain valve.

  • DENTAL LATHE, Cat No. : DL-005

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSPerfect Dental Lathe Model-0502, Universal Watt 250,RPM 6500, 5 Speed, Rating-60 Min,Fitted with 4" dia wheel stone with 2 ball bearings,Metallic Cable Arm & Two Chucks burr & Buffer.

  • DENTAL VIBRATOR, Cat No. : DL-002

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSProduct Specification Perfect Dental Vibrator (Super) Model-0702,Capacity 3-4 Casting Cylinders, Removable Rubber Plant, for Cleaning, Fiffted with Controller Timer 0-15 Min.

  • DENTAL- SUCTION UNIT, Cat No. : DL-003

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSWe make suction units for different medical and dental uses. Our suction units are of best suited in the dentistry field. Our suction units are designed to be low on noise and vibration.

    Our suction units come in the following types:
    Electric suction units
    Portable suction units
    Vacuum suction units
  • DIGESTORS, Cat No. : LM-18

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSLaboratory digesters are used to break down samples into their basic constituents for analysis. The constituents so derived are mainly used for further studies and research. These digesters are often required for analyzing trace metals, atomic absorption or inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy.

    Types of Digesters

    Acid Digesters: These equipment digest a sample under high pressure and temperature, making use of conventional acids including hydrochloric and nitric acid. Microwave Digesters: These equipment heat microwave-absorbing reagents containing a sample inside a pressurized container.

    Working Process These digesters are generally of a batch-type design. Organic sample material is placed in the equipment and allowed to digest. On completion of the process, the effluent is removed and the process is repeated. The retention time of the substance/sample depends on the temperature, pressure and other factors. Use of a fume hood is helpful to remove gases produced by the digestion process.

    Methods used

    The processing of the organic samples can be done by: Open Flask Digestion: The reaction or processing of the smaple takes place in an open container at low pressure. This method is more commonly used. Closed Flask Digestion: The reaction or processing of the smaple takes place in a closed container under high pressure condition. This decreases the digestion time.

    While high-pressure vessels are generally used for biological and organic chemical samples, lower pressure vessels are generally used for soil/sediment, catalysts, environmental samples.

    Use of Digesters
    Laboratory Research
    Sample Testing
    Process Study
    Industrial Chemicals

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSFEATURES : - For pyrogen free distilled water. All Stainless Steel body. Design Feature Ensures Economy in Operation. Constant level arrangement for inlet water. Available upto 20 Ltrs/Hr. Capacity.

    CONSTRUCTION : - All parts of Water Still are made out of stainless steel. It comprises of main chamber, condenser tube, condenser jacket, vapour baffle and constant level arrangement.

    Splashing of water delivery tube is avoided by superior design of vapour baffle. The lid rests in ensures minimum (negligible) loss of steam.

    The condenser tube can be dismantled easily by removing the wing nuts which hold the condenser and jacket together.

    Heaters are of immersion type and are capable of displacing the connectors, if the still runs dry. However to ensure long service special care should be taken to avoid the still running dry as the protective arrangement cannot be expected to last normally beyond three operations.

    The Still is provided with bracket (to be fixed on wall) on which the still can rest..


    2 1.5
    4 3.0
    6 4.0
    10 6.0
  • FERMENTOR, Cat No. : LM-16

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSThe Fermentor vessel is made of Stainless steel and heated through steam heating system with electric element. Having opening lid on the top of vessel suitable for cleaning and filling purpose. The vessel fitted with pressure gauge pressure release valve disable at 17 psi pressure. Provided with in line filter for le incoming and outgoing air. Vessel is also provided with built in cooling coil for inlet and outlet of cold water. The inoculation port and sampling ports, one port fitted with temperature gauge. The entire fermentor assembly is covered with steam jacket having safety valve and auto pressure cutoff device.

    Overall Capacity : 140 lit
    Working capacity : 100 lit
    Overall capacity : 280 lit
    Overall capacity : 280 lit
    Working capacity : 200 lit
    Optional Accessories :–
    Oil free compressor for supply of Air to fermentor for shaking.


    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSFreeze Drying is the process of removing the moisture from a biological product while maintaining the Integrity of the products biological & chemical structure and activities. Freeze Drying technology is used in particular for removal of moisture from the products usually of biological origin without causing any noticeable change in the original characteristics. Freeze Drying is also the preferred process in the field of Pharmacy, Chemistry and in conservation of food.

    Heat-sensitive biological materials may be freeze-dried without affecting their potency. The dried materials may be stored for years at room temperature without loss of their original characteristics
    The freeze-dried material may be transported and shipped in small containers, and no provision is necessary for refrigeration en route.
    Bacterial growth and enzyme action do not take place in freeze-dried products. Proteins do not coagulate.
  • HEATING MENTAL, Cat No. : LM-07

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSHeating surface made of glass sleevings reinforced and insulated with glass wool fitted with energy regulator lamp and on/off switch with plug and cord. Work on 220/230V AC.


    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS1/20 H.P. AC/DC motor direct driving with variable speed regulator upto maximum rpm. Complete with stainless steel rod and heavy base. Height and space adjustable, work on 220/230V AC.

  • pH METER DIGITAL, Cat No. : LM-15

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSDigital pH Meter are ideal instruments for determination of pH Value of any solution. The results are displayed on a 3½ digit display. These are unique instruments that combine convenience with accuracy and precision in analysis. The temperature compensation facility, both automatic and manual is available. The measurement range is from 0 to 14 pH with a resolution of 0.01 pH.

    These are extremely useful instruments for agriculture and sil analysis laboratories, swimming pools, fertilizer plants, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, petroleum refineries, textile plants etc.
    • Display 3½ Digit LED
    • Range pH: 0-14 pH
    • mV: 0 to ± 1999
    • Resolution pH: 0.01
    • mV: 1
    • Accuracy pH: ± 0.01pH
    • mV: ± 1mV
    • Temp. Compensation Auto : 0 to 100°C
    • Manual: 0 to 100°C
    • Input Impedance > 10⅓ ohms
    • Slope Control 80 to 120% Recorder Output 0 to 10mV/pH 0 to 10mV/100mV
    • Adjustable
    • Power 230V ± 10% AC, 50 Hz
    • Dimensions 76 x 275 x 175mm
    • Sensor Combined pH electrode
  • SHAKING MACHINE, Cat No. : LM-04

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSLight duty carrier size 13"x20" reciprocating type 280 strokes per minute fitted with mechanical speed regulator specially for bottle flasks and test tube rack with covered body.

  • VACUUM OVEN, Cat No. : LM-03

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSOuter made of thick mild steel, stove enamel painted. Inside made of thick stainless steel. Temperature ranges from 50o to 230oC +2oC thermostatically controlled capable withstanding vaccum of 760mm with solid metallic casted door and glass window. Available in two sizes. Option: Electronic Digital temperature controller cum indicator.

  • VACUUM PUMP, Cat No. : LM-17

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSHas range of oil sealed single and double stage high vacuum rotary pumps. These are designed to be easy to install and maintain. Quite and reliable in performance. These can be used for many Laboratory & Industrial applications without accessories. Vacuum pumps are V Belt driven and fitted with capacitor start Crompton/AUE or equivalent electric motor mounted on base plate. All the parts are precisely machined, and assembled to close tolerance for high efficiency. Pumps are supplied either single stage or double stage. Single stage pump creates maximum vacuum of 0.01 mm Hg. column and double stage creates 0.001 mm Hg. Suitable to work on 220 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz AC Supply. Following is the range of Vacuum Pumps (Single/Double Stage).

    S.No. Model Capacity Motor
    1. APC - 25 25 lt./mt 0.25 hp
    2. APC - 45 45 lt./mt 0.25 hp
    3. APC - 75 75 lt./mt 0.25 hp
    4. APC - 100 100 lt./mt 0.5 hp
    5. APC - 150 150 lt./mt 0.5 hp
    6. APC - 200 200 lt./mt 1.0 hp
    7. APC - 300 300 lt./mt 2.0 hp
    Note : Higher capacity can be supplied on request.
    Optional Accessories :
    High Vacuum Oil.
    Vacuum gauge and regulator.

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSWater monitoring complete stainless steel body for pyrogen free distilled water. There is a fitted specially designed buffle which prevents water splashing over into the condenser which is so made as to give optimum and speedy supply of the distillate. This still is fitted with the best quality immersion heaters which has long life and can be replaced easily in the event of burn out. The heaters are self ejecting type as their contectors are ejected automatically incase water is still gets dry. It is also fitted with a water level over flow and in built over flow system. The table pattern is also available in different capacities.

  • WILLEY MILL, Cat No. : LM-14

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENTSElectrically operated to work on 220 volts A.C Recommended for grinding of dry plant samples. Also for a great variety of commercial dry materials. Unit having two stationary steel blades and rotary with steel edges provided in the cast iron chamber. Willey mill is fitted on substantial cast iron base.

    (a) 40 mm x 20mm
    (b) 65 mm x 25mm
    (c)100 mm x 50mm
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